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Undone is a new, feature-length musical - Written and Directed by Maxwell Freudenthal, alongside Composer Nic Delcambre. 

The film made its public debut at the OUT Twin Cities Film Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 3rd, 2012 - winning the Festival’s coveted “Best Minnesota-Made Film” Award.

Written, cast, directed, and produced almost entirely in Minnesota - Undone represents the passion of Minnesota-based artists and professionals who came together and worked tirelessly to produce an incredible piece of cinema. 

Currently, Undone is being submitted to Film Festivals across the USA; if you have an interest in seeing or screening Undone, 
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Max and Rachel are childhood friends who have decided to move in together. Rachel sees this as the next step in their relationship as more than friends, but Max is just trying to figure out who he is.

Sam is completely in love with Amy but she's had enough of his rockstar lifestyle. Amy finally kicks Sam out of the apartment, only to start chatting with a secret, online Mystery Man. Before things can settle down, Kristy, Amy's childhood friend, shows up at her door without notice. Kristy explains that she was lonely and has decided to move in.. 

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