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Max and Rachel are childhood friends who have decided to move in together. Rachel sees this as the next step in their relationship as more than friends, but Max is just trying to figure out who he is.

Sam is completely in love with Amy but she's had enough of his rockstar lifestyle. Amy finally kicks Sam out of the apartment, only to start chatting with a secret, online Mystery Man. Before things can settle down, Kristy, Amy's childhood friend, shows up at her door without notice. Kristy explains that she was lonely and has decided to move in.

Dan and Sarah have been in a relationship for ten years, but never felt the need to get married. Unfortunately, Dan is about to turn thirty and hasn't seemed to grow up while Sarah is starting to question whether or not she wants more but is too scared to tell Dan and risk losing him. To make matters worse, Dan's gay, best friend, Jason, encourages him to stay young and free.

Judy is the owner of the building. She is old, wise and full of spirit. Judy has a lot of love to give, but after the loss of her family she never found the strength the reach out to the people around her. She plans on spending her last days in her room alone.

After meeting in a club, the characters poor decisions lead to very secret affairs. As the weeks the go by, everyone learns that there are serious consequences for their choices and they struggle to deal with them in their own ways.

In the end, they learn that everybody makes mistakes, but that those mistakes do not define who we are; it's how we deal with them and move forward that shapes us. No matter how dark your journey may seem, someone will be walking the same path as you - ready to hold your hand as long as you're willing to reach out.
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